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ENROBER MOULDER XS 200 mt / XS 300 mt
The enrobers moulders XS 200 mt / XS 300 mt are equipped with the AWS process, a pulsed air cooling.
These machines are perfect to work the coloured chocolate, with diffractions, grains and other "GRANDS CRUS" because they are easy to clean.
WIDTH OF BELT: 200 - 300 mm

XM 180 Pro
This enrober is specially designed for small productions. It's the affordable solution to melt, temper and enrobe chocolates, truffles.
Warm air semi automatic tempering
Width of belt: 180 mm
Capacity: 12 kg
Voltage: 230 v single phase 50/60 Hz

Vibrating table
Truffles tub

ENROBER TEMPO 187-227-307
The enrobers TEMPO 187 / 227 / 307 are equipped with a continuous automatic tempering system with a partial reheating of the crystals in order to avoid the risk of thickening chocolate, a cooling column and a cooling group. Simple to use, the TEMPO is the solution for average productions.
Width of belt: 180/ 220/ 300 mm
Capacity: 35 kg
Production: 12/35 kg/h
Voltage: 230/400 v three phases 50/60 Hz

Heated vibrating table
Dosing head
Truffles conveyor
Voltage: 230/400 v three phases 50/60 Hz
Total cleaning system