Savy Goiseau
For more than 45 years, service the artisan chocolate maker
Savy Goiseau chocolate equipment manufacturer for 45 years in the service of the chocolatier.

The company brings to Savy Goiseau chocolatiers and truly sustainable solutions tailored to their needs.
It has established itself as the leading French equipment and chocolate created for professionals and chocolate, tempering, moulders, dosing, enrobers, extruders, melters, turbines, cooling tunnels and other machines.
Since 1972 the company has Savy Goiseau experienced rapid growth. Its
experienced teams are in the design and development of essential
production lines below and you provide in all circumstances,
technical expertise, know-hand of work and assistance in the shortest time
to meet your requirements in quality
daily use of its machines and the production of finished products flawless.

Discover our ranges
Who are our machines ?
We provide turnkey solutions for chocolatiers, confectioners, pastry chefs, bakers
and professionals fast.

Machines for scalable perennial :
If our machines are delivered ready to use, they can be supplemented by a number of equipment such as
cooling tunnels, the Transmouleurs - Feeders. Besides the fact that these additional equipment improves and increases the versatility of the machine
and quantity of your products, they also optimize the performance of your production line.

Cover all your needs:
In addition to traditional machines such as coating machines, tempering, molding machines, we cover all the needs
around the manufacture of chocolate melter, chocolate mixer, extruder, etc. ...

We create machines that you like and that work for you !