Our history

Savy Goiseau story

Founded in 1958 by Pierre Goiseau, the first activity of Goiseau Guittot is the construction of special machines for cars and mechanical subcontracting. The company's birthplace is in Les Mureaux, at the west of Paris. In the early 70's, in collaboration with Cacao Barry and the company Savy Sife for studies, the first French wrapper for the chocolate artisan is commercialized. It's a total success; with more than 2000 enrobers produced in less than 10 years.

In 1983, Goiseau Guittot buys out Savy Sife to create Savy Goiseau. Sir Didier Goiseau takes over the company's management after his father's death. Thereafter the company's activity is totally oriented toward the production of chocolate equipment.

In 1995, Savy Goiseau goes into partnership with Hacos in Belgium, an industrial equipment maker for chocolate factories. The two companies are complementary and share their expertise. This permits Savy Goiseau to refocus its activity only on equipment production for the chocolate artisan and to developed in 1998, a new enrober range with the continuous tempering, “crystal” enrobers. Then adding to the range melting-tanks, moulding machines, temperers, cooling tunnels etc.

In 2011, the first small enrober with a capacity of 12kg and continuous automatic tempering is commercialized, the GOLD 1.

So far, more than 5000 SAVY GOISEAU machines run all around the world.

SAVY: a perpetual name!
until present day
Savy Jeanjean
is the world's number one producer of chocolate equipment.
It's in 1901 that the first chocolate enrober, the “308” is produced.
Savy Sife
develop the MS 2000 enrober.
Savy Goiseau
is at the service of the artisan chocolate maker.

For more than a century, Savy Jeanjean, Savy Sife and Savy Goiseau are three companies which have passed on the chocolate passion.